IBAC IS-BAO Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3 audits

Specializing in small to medium size Part 135 and Part 91 aviation operations. Bob Gould’s auditing philosophy is to “achieve compliance through implementing improved business and safety practices by practical means.”

Bravo Golf Aviation's "Practical Aviation Risk Management" course can be performed at your location

This 2-day course designed for flight crew and maintenance personnel links the practical aspect of human factors to risk awareness, risk assessment, and risk management, all essential elements of any Safety Management System. The goal of this course is to make the individual aware of potential threats and errors to performance, and reduce the risk to as low as reasonably practical.  Included is a review of selected Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs). This course is FAA accepted for 8-hours of Inspection Authorization (IA) training (C-IND-IM-120925-K-006-001).

Topics include:
- What is Human Factors?
- Error Making Theory
- What is Situational Awareness?
- Development of Risk Assessment
- How to Effectively Use Risk Management
-What is Risk Management?
-Personal Individual Safety Nets
-Threat and Error Management
-Development of Practical Risk Management
-Case Studies

"Human Factors Refresher" Course performed at your location

Bravo Golf Aviation offers a 1-day Human Factors and Risk Management course. This course discusses the practical application of human factors theory and risk management. (FAA IA Acceptance Pending)

Who is Robert 'Bob' Gould?

Bob Gould’s life and resume is aviation. Recently retired from industry, he is now dedicated to passing along his valuable aviation expertise by performing practical audits and teaching. Bob is an experienced FAA Commercial pilot with numerous ratings, a Certificated Flight and Ground Instructor, and holds an A&P Certificate.

Bob graduated from Kent State University with a BBA in Transportation Management, Empire State College (State University of New York) with a Master of Arts in Business Policy, and the University of Southern California Aviation Safety and Security Program, where he instructs part time.

Bob is a retired U.S. Navy Captain, with 27 years of active and reserve duty specializing in aircraft maintenance, testing, and evaluation operations, and is a FAASTeam representative, FAA District and Regional AMT of the Year recipient, and member of the NBAA . He currently resides in western Massachusetts.

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